Affording Cornerstone

Tuition to attend Cornerstone Christian Academy for the 2024-2025 academic year is $12,500. (However scholarships are available for every student that qualifies—up to $10,000—bringing the average tuition cost for parents to $2,500.) Cornerstone works hard to adhere to our mission of making a high quality, independent school education affordable to our families. We raise the majority of the funds necessary to provide tuition assistance through donor support, but Cornerstone families share the responsibility of investing in their children’s educational experience at our school. We hope the answers below will help you better understand the financial commitment families must make toward our students and school.

  1. Is Cornerstone Christian Academy affordable?

    – The average Cornerstone student pays between $1,800-$2,800 per year to attend.
    – If charged directly to families, our tuition would be $12,500 per year.
    – Cornerstone offers significant scholarships, covering up to 85% of tuition.
    – Cornerstone offers additional scholarships to families with multiple children.
    – Cornerstone Scholarships can be renewed each year that a child is enrolled.

  2. Can students apply Children’s Scholarship Fund to Cornerstone?

    – We encourage families to apply to Children’s Scholarship Fund Philadelphia.
    – CSFP offers up to $3,100/year for qualifying Philadelphia students in Grades K-8.
    – CSFP scholarships are renewable for up to 9 years, covering Grades K-8.
    – Visit to learn more and apply today.

  3. How can families pay for a Cornerstone education?

    – Families must pay their tuition online, by setting up a Smart Tuition account.
    – In emergencies, we may process a one-time credit card or check payment.
    – Cash, personal checks and Cash App are not accepted at this time.
    – Payments can be made in full or in ten monthly installments.

  4. Still have questions about affording Cornerstone?

    – Contact

Additional Admission Fees:


Associated Fee

New Student Application and Testing Fee (Non-Refundable)

$75 (per family)

Current Student Re-enrollment Fee (Non-Refundable)

$100 per family (on or before deadline)

$150 per family (after deadline)

SMART TUITION Management Fee


Breakfast & Lunch Fee


Field Trips, Events, Projects

Fees vary


– School uniforms can be purchased by families in many stores or online.

– Gym uniforms must be purchased directly from our preferred vendor.

Cornerstone makes every effort to work with families to satisfy tuition obligations. Tuition balances overdue by thirty (30) days or more may jeopardize continued enrollment. Students whose families do not pay the previous year’s tuition balance on/before the last day or school cannot re-enroll for the next school year. Cornerstone does not reserve spaces for returning students with outstanding tuition balances and will move to the wait pool, if those students neglect to satisfy past due tuition obligations.