Educating the Whole Child

Our educational philosophy reflects our vision of a learning and worshiping community that works in tandem with families to develop children to their highest potential. To this end, we believe children should develop:

  1. Spiritually

    Nurtured in faith, wisdom, and biblical knowledge, in order to know, love and serve God and to walk in God’s light throughout life.

  2. Intellectually

    Taught with the highest standards of instruction from basic skills to higher order concepts and cultural literacy.

  3. Physically

    Developing and honoring their bodies as “temples of God” in strength and health.

  4. Emotionally

    Becoming self-confident, self-disciplined, and self-directed, secure in the knowledge they are a unique, talented, and precious child of God.

  5. Socially

    To have friends, to be a friend, and to care for others as they would themselves.

  6. Culturally

    Theirs as well as others’, appreciating the interdependence and dignity of all people.

  7. Morally

    Able to discern right from wrong, to know, do, and love the good, demonstrating Christian character at all times.

“Children learn best in a positive climate of respect, safety, discipline and trust.”

The educational program is designed and guided by Christian men and women who are knowledgeable, dedicated, qualified and loving educators, and where interactive experiences are provided that appeal to multiple intelligences and learning styles.