Continuous School Improvement Plan

It is our vision to be a model urban Christian school where students are grounded in faith, shaped with Christ-like character, and equipped with knowledge and skills to excel in high school, college, and throughout life. Toward fulfillment of that vision, we continually challenge ourselves by setting and revising school improvement strategic goals.

Currently, the following school improvement goals (2020 – 2025) are set:

  1. Strengthen the Student Educational Experience
    1. Promote the physical, social, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being of students; as well as continue to foster a school culture of acceptance, respect, and safety

    2. Align curriculum, instructional objectives and resources in all disciplines to the Common Core Standards and Cornerstone Student Learning Outcomes

    3. Provide support and professional development for teachers as they design and implement effective instructional and assessment practices

    4. Provide and communicate measurable evidence of student academic progress and spiritual development

  2. Fortify Stakeholder Engagement
    1. Ensure organizational stability and growth

    2. Cultivate a stronger culture of giving, serving and school endorsement

    3. Increase the school's exposure in the community, city and region

  3. Improve Educational Spaces and Resources
    1. Maintain a clean, healthy and safe school environment

    2. Complete essential and/or major capital improvements by the 35th anniversary of the school in 2023 (including campus-wide security, campus lighting, and a new outdoor playground space)

  4. Embrace Organizational Order and Unity
    1. Cultivate a learning and serving environment that promotes excellence, loyalty, professionalism and pride

    2. Establish, implement and regularly evaluate academic, administrative and advancement processes and procedures

    3. Develop a Furnishing Uniformity plan for all classrooms and offices