Volunteer your time and change a life.

Giving is not limited to financial contributions. Enrich yourself and the lives of our students by giving your time and talent. Be a guide. Be a coach. Be a friend.

To find out about any of our volunteering opportunities, please contact Gayle Gaskin at 215.724.6858 x233 or ggaskin@cornerstonephiladelphia.com.

  1. Mentoring

    Individual mentors are matched with Middle School students according to gender and personality fit. Mentors are asked to meet one-on-one with their student twice per month during the lunch hour, and participate in four service projects with all mentors and their students throughout the year. This is a great chance to get to know a student personally, and help direct them through a crucial time in their academic career.

  2. Volunteering

    There are many practical ways you can make a difference at Cornerstone. Facilities Improvement; Library Leaders; Classroom Support; Computer Lab Assistance; Front Desk and Office Support; School Nurse Volunteers. Please consider how you can serve and contact Gayle Gaskin at ggaskin@cornerstonephiladelphia.com to find out more.

  3. Parents’ Association

    The Cornerstone Parent Association is an opportunity for parents to become invested members in the school community. The Parent’s Association meets on the first Tuesday of every month at 6:00 pm. For more information on how to be involved in the Parent’s Association contact the school office at 215-724-6858.

  4. Teammates Program

    Our Teammates program pairs donors with students to help guide and achieve their educational goals. Individual teammates make a financial commitment to their student for one or more academic years, while students commit to their best work and provide updates throughout the year. In becoming a teammate, you are taking a hands-on role in the transformation taking place here.

    You commit to providing financial support from $1,500 (partial scholarship), $2,500 (half of a scholarship), $5,000 (full scholarship) to cover the cost for one year for one student. You will receive correspondence from your student 3 times per year, and are invited to attend several special events during the school year to meet your student and other Teammates and learn about how they are progressing in their classes.

“These young people bless me and feed my soul. I am inspired, I am cheered up, and I go home happy every time.”

– Current Cornerstone Mentor