Important Dates

Applying to Cornerstone for the 2022-2023 academic year is simple! See below for the 10-step admissions process:

  1. Fill out application form online.

    Complete this form to start your enrollment process.

  2. Receive email from Cornerstone’s Admissions Office.

    Upon submission of your application form, you will receive an acknowledgement email from our Admissions Team with information and next steps.

  3. Log in and sign up for a meeting/visit.

    Once you receive your username and password you will be able to log in to our Enrollment portal and sign up for a meeting (virtual or in-person).

  4. Complete the New Student Application.

    Here you will also upload your students’ most recent Report Card (kindergarten excluded).

  5. Schedule student testing.

    Work with our testing administrators to schedule a time for your students’ to test for their appropriate grade level entering 2022-23.

  6. Submit documents and Testing Fee.

    Upload the documents you will receive from the Admissions Office and pay the one-time $75 Testing Fee.

  7. Complete student testing.

    Visit campus (or join virtual testing session). Once complete you will review and confirm the emailed recommendation regarding grade placement.

  8. Complete scholarship application.

    Complete and submit all available scholarship application information you will have received from the Admissions Office.

  9. Upload 2021 tax form.

    The application requires the most recent copy of your 2021 form 1040.

  10. Sign Tuition Agreement and make your first payment.

    Sign and return your Tuition Agreement after receiving it from Admissions Office. Then make your first tuition payment by July 2022.



New Student Application and Testing Fee

$75 (per family)

Current Student Re-enrollment Fee

$100 (per family before May 1st)

$150 (per family after May 1st)

SMART TUITION Management Fee


Breakfast & Lunch Fee


Field Trips, Events, Projects

Fees vary

Past due balances of over one month jeopardize student attendance. Families will lose enrollment status if their entire balance is not paid prior to the last day of school. After the last day of school, families may only re-enroll when this balance is resolved. A seat is only guaranteed when a student is actively enrolled. New families may not enroll if they owe money to a previous school.