Biblically-based and Aligned with Common Core Standards

Our research-based curriculum and proven instructional strategies encourage students to be creative and critical Christian thinkers and problem solvers.

  1. Bible/Christian Concepts

    The reading and study of Scripture at Cornerstone is not separate from but integrated into all subject matters and school affairs. Students learn in their classrooms and in their extra-curricular activities how to think biblically, act critically, and behave responsibly as disciples of Jesus Christ. Our ultimate goal is to cultivate our students into establishing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and to disciple others.

  2. Reading

    Reading is the foundational discipline of education and the absolute essential skill every child needs for academic success. Students at Cornerstone are introduced to reading various types of literature, fiction and non-fiction, including novels, drama, poetry, biography, short stories, essays, and history, as well as Scripture. This variety challenges and inspires their imaginations, allowing them to form ideas, build intellect, enhance their vocabulary and writing skills, and apply their faith and biblical understanding. Our goal is that by becoming proficient in reading and filtering what they read through the lens of Biblical Truth and Christian faith, students will develop a deeper level of comprehension and perception of complex literature that will enlighten them academically and help them grow spiritually (2 Timothy 2:15)

  3. Language Arts

    Focus includes grammar, reading, vocabulary, writing and oral presentation. Student work reflects the proper use of grammar and vocabulary through a diversity of assignments and projects. Earlier grades require more focus on basic grammar and writing skills. In upper grades more advanced research and critical thinking assignments are necessary to provide students with the necessary writing and speaking tools to succeed in a high school setting.

  4. Mathematics

    As students become actively engaged in practicing mathematics, their problem solving, critical thinking, and logical thinking skills are enhanced, thereby encouraging holistic integration of order and wonder in their surrounding communities.

  5. Science

    We believe empirical evidence proves that God created all things (Colossians 1:16-17), therefore science is a means by which we examine God’s Creation and our role within His universe. God’s divinity is revealed in the seen and unseen facets of the universe (Romans 1:20). His glory and character are revealed through exploration, observation, and scientific study. At Cornerstone Christian Academy students are given the building blocks they need to explore, discover, and classify the wonders of God’s Creation. We encourage students to be filled with awe and wonder, as well as to honor God by being wise stewards and caretakers of the resources in His Creation.

  6. Social Studies

    Study of the social sciences enables students at Cornerstone Christian Academy to understand how God establishes individuals, families, communities, and nations as part of His divine plan; seeing all of history as the unfolding of the mighty acts of God. In addition to helping students become knowledgeable and appreciative of historically diverse peoples and cultures, it is our goal to prepare students to be responsible Christ-centered citizens who function productively and collaboratively in a multi-cultural and increasingly interdependent world.

  7. Expressive Arts

    Students of all grades also have Physical Education, Music, Technology, and Art classes on a rotating schedule during the school week.