Student Services

Providing a supportive environment for our students and families ensures the best chance for our students to thrive, both academically and personally.

  1. CORA Services

    CORA partners with Cornerstone to provide education support through Title 1 and Act 89 funding for students. These services are designed to help students reach their full potential academically. CORA services at Cornerstone include:

    – Small group Reading and Math support

    – Speech Therapy

    – School Psychology

    Additionally, CORA staff are valuable resources as members of the multidisciplinary Student Support Team. This team meets weekly with individual teachers to identify strategies and interventions for students who have been identified as needing extra help.

  2. Guidance Counseling

    The role of the School Counselor at Cornerstone is to support students to discover and develop the gifts that God has bestowed — academically, socially, emotionally, spiritually and as they begin to explore careers for their future. This support is offered through collaborative work with students, parents and teachers to identify and remove barriers to learning; developing and supporting teachers in delivering classroom lessons that teach social and emotional skills such as respecting others, resolving conflicts as well as career exploration with God’s word as guide; individual and small group work with students; providing support during personal crisis; coordinating referrals to outside agencies; serving as a resource for parents and teachers.
    Additionally, students in grades 4-6 participate in a weekly program – Mindfulness Through Movement where they learn simple breath and movement practices that have been shown to help students manage stress, emotions and promote relaxation so that their minds are open to learn.

  3. Bussing

    Students who live beyond 1.5 miles from our campus are eligible to be bussed to school. For more information, please contact the Main Office at (215) 724-6858.

  4. Breakfast and Lunch

    A free breakfast and lunch program is available daily for all students. A “Grab ‘n Go” Breakfast is offered every morning during Morning Care from 7:10 – 7:30 AM. A typical breakfast consists of a whole grain entrée such as an apple cinnamon muffin, a half-pint of low-fat or fat-free milk, and two servings of fruit.  Outside breakfast must be eaten before students arrive to school.

    A healthy lunch is available for students each day or students can bring their lunch. Please be aware that microwave ovens are not available for students bringing lunch. Parents choosing to bring lunch during the lunch period, must adhere to the scheduled lunch periods. Students cannot eat lunch after their lunch period ends.