Introducing Cornerstone’s New President and CEO

A Letter from Bob Jara

Dear Friends and Families of the Cornerstone Community,

Let me begin with two words: Vision and Mission.

Vision can be defined as the ability to plan the future with imagination and wisdom. Mission is a calling or an important assignment. In 1988, a number of dedicated individuals had a vision to establish a model urban Christian school where students are grounded in faith, shaped with Christ-like character, and equipped with knowledge and skills to excel in high school, college and throughout life. Their mission was to educate children, including those from underserved families, in an environment that provides the highest standard for academic achievement and spiritual development.

I am honored to have the opportunity to be part of this vision and to contribute to achieving Cornerstone Christian Academy’s mission. I join a team of exceptional individuals whose dedication and hard work continue to meet the many day to day challenges in achieving the mission goals. Given today’s environment, this is no easy task.

I am a product of a grade school thru college Christian education. I am a first-generation college graduate whose father immigrated from Mexico and mother from Canada. As the youngest of nine I am blessed with being a member of a large family.

I retired in 2017 after 40 plus years in the banking industry. As a CPA, with an MBA, I have served as a senior executive of several banking institutions. During that time, I was privileged to have the opportunity to be part of the non-profit world. Some of those organizations include the National Kidney Foundation, Children’s Village, Cabrini University, Daemion Counseling Center and the Historical Lansdowne Theater Corporation. Additionally, I served on the board of the Delco Soccer League and have been a youth soccer coach for over forty years. The time with these organizations has allowed me to be exposed to the many aspects of non-profit operations.

Why Cornerstone Christian Academy and why now?

I consider myself a very lucky person who believes that many successes in my life were fueled by more than luck. Giving more than taking has proven to be a good formula for achieving the important things in my life. When first approached about the Cornerstone Christian Academy opportunity I was impressed with the vision and mission of its founders. However, it wasn’t until my campus visit that I was able to experience the mission in action through the faces and eyes of the students, as they interacted with their teachers and educators. It was at that moment that I knew I wanted to be part of this great endeavor.

I look forward to getting to know you personally, listen to your concerns as well as rejoice in our students’ accomplishments. I thank the Board of Directors for its confidence in me and am excited to join Cornerstone Christian Academy as we seek ever higher levels of academic achievement and continued spiritual growth.

With continued blessings to Cornerstone and all who Serve,

Bob Jara

Testimonials from our Leadership team

Wayne Geisser

It is with great enthusiasm that we welcome Bob as Cornerstone’s new President and CEO. Over the past eight months, the Search Committee has considered nearly 20 candidates and Bob was hired with the unanimous vote of the Board. We look forward to Bob's leadership and new perspectives as we advance Cornerstone's mission of excellence in education and the spiritual development of our students.

- Wayne Geisser, Board Chair

Richell Manigault

In his short time on campus leading up to the start of his tenure, Bob has already made an impression on our students. I see them light up when he enters their classrooms as they shout, "Hi, Mr. Bob!", with a smile. May God bless him as he continues to lead our school in being CornerstoneSTRONG.

- Richell Manigault, Principal