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Jun 09
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Phys. Ed. & Wellness Teacher

Position Title: Phys. Ed. & Wellness Instructor (Full-time Classroom Teacher)

Date Posted: June 2021

FLSA Classification: Exempt

Reports To: School Principal

Position Overview and Qualifications:

Cornerstone Christian Academy is seeking a Physical Education and Wellness Instructor to join our staff beginning at the start of the 2021-2022 school year. The ideal candidate will be knowledgeable in physical education and wellness programs and have at minimum a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university — preferably in education.

All Cornerstone teachers are required to profess faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Candidates should demonstrate Christian character, love for children, collaborative spirit, and the ability to communicate effectively with students, parents, co-workers, and all school constituents.

Instructional Responsibilities:

The English Language Arts Teacher is expected to:

  • Create a classroom environment that develops students’ skills of listening, speaking, reading, writing and skills that are fundamental to literate citizenship.
  • Support the development and appreciation of literature of all types.
  • Motivate students to read for information and recreation.
  • Teach grammar and mechanics.
  • Teach the skills of writing text-dependent analysis and essays.
  • Develop literacy skills through the reading/teaching of grade level novels.
  • Prepare weekly lesson plans following a prescribed curriculum.
  • Adhere to the curricular scope and sequence, integrating Biblical principles and Cornerstone’s philosophy of education throughout the curriculum.
  • Gather student data through observation, dialogue, testing tools, etc. and design strategies to meet student needs.
  • Integrate technology as a tool to engage students in academic content. (Google Classroom, Google Suite, etc.)
  • Assign and incorporate a variety of instructional and assessment strategies to enhance learning.
  • Use Cornerstone’s Curriculum Map, Common Core, and Cornerstone’s Expected Student Outcomes to implement a rigorous curriculum relevant for all students.
  • Employ a variety of instructional methods, aids and materials that will provide for creative teaching to reach the whole child: spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, socially, culturally, and morally.
  • Plan a balanced use of field trips and guest speakers.
  • Regularly assess the learning progress of students via formal and informal assessments.
  • Review and return student assignments in a prompt manner.
  • Be available to meet with students before or after school for additional instruction and help.
  • Implement Responsive Classroom tenets and strategies.

Non-Instructional Responsibilities:

All Cornerstone Christian Academy teachers are expected to:

  • Know and adhere to the policies and procedures in the Cornerstone Christian Academy Employee Handbook and Faculty and Staff Handbook.
  • Maintain respect for—and appropriate relationships with—every student.
  • Establish and maintain regular contact and communication with parents.
  • Maintain daily oversight of student discipline, preparing written reports as required.
  • Maintain accurate attendance and grade records.
  • Maintain oversight of student health and safety, including before and after school yard duty.
  • Maintain a clean, attractive, and well-ordered classroom.
  • Model the school-wide principles to (1) Respect and celebrate yourself, (2) Respect and celebrate others, (3) Come prepared and willing to serve/learn, and (4) Keep our environment safe and clean.
  • Model a consistent faith and daily walk with Jesus Christ in attitude, speech, character, and quality of work.
  • Attend all-school programs (Back to School Night, Christmas Program etc.)

Professional Responsibilities:

All Cornerstone Christian Academy teachers are expected to:

  • Hold—or obtain within two (2) years of employment—certification with the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).
  • Identify and/or participate in opportunities for professional growth.
  • Attend teacher in-service days and bi-weekly faculty meetings.

Interested candidates are to send a letter of interest and current resume to: